The Secret of Staying Young with Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon spice has been described as fragrant and evocative. Cinnamon can be used for many purposes such as an incense, a medicine and more often as a spice for food.

Initially the findings in cinnamon were kept a secret so that it could maintain its control of this highly priced spice. People were only aware that it came up the Red Sea from Egypt but could never depict its source. Cinnamon can be classed as a spice which originates from wild tree branches which are part of the genus “Cinnamomomum”.

If you are considering taking cinnamon to help you lose weight it can come with many benefits such as helping you improve your memory and concentration, improves your digestive system and can eradicate the bacteria that causes yeast and urinary tract infections. Cinnamon can also be the key ingredient to help ease your blood cholesterol levels.  The impact that cinnamon can have on our bodies blood sugar levels is what makes it unique. It can even have a greater effect on people attempting to steer clear of diabetes and heart conditions.

Just from consuming 2-3 teaspoons of cinnamon each day can help reduce your blood sugar level and enhance your natural insulin resistance to prevent the issues of high carbohydrate and sugary foods on your body.

Due to the many advantages cinnamon offers it has become a very popular anti-obesity spice choice however it’s important you are able to recognise what makes good cinnamon just buying a shaker bottle of it would result in you taking in a lot of sugar at the same time, decreasing your chances of losing weight.

Cinnamon tea bags are a great choice in helping you get your daily dose of cinnamon this would save the headache of having to blend the powder into your cakes and desserts. Cinnamon tea could be the key in helping you lose weight due to its high core temperature.