How cinnamon can be so beneficial for you and your body

Health freaks and nutritionists should know that cinnamon and weight loss go hand in hand. It is quite surprising then to know that cinnamon supplements are not flying off the shelf’s as they should because the benefits of cinnamon outweigh a lot of foods and spices.

Having a spoonful of cinnamon can be an amazing health benefit. Of course some people can’t get used to a full teaspoon of cinnamon due to the intense flavour whilst others lover it. The more desirable alternative is to get cinnamon capsules or better still have a cinnamon based spiced tea found primarily on

Cinnamon can do wonders for your blood sugar levels and give you a healthy insulin balance. All this and without the need for a prescription like many drugs that do the same thing.

The health benefits of cinnamon can encompass weight loss as well. There is an amazing interaction between cinnamon and your pancreas that happens when enough cinnamon has been ingested and this results in weight loss.  Experts suggest that a sprinkling of cinnamon or one drink of spiced cinnamon tea will not do the trick, to achieve the equivalent of a spoon full of cinnamon one must drink regularly.

Another huge benefit of having cinnamon, is its affect on your cholesterol levels. Cinnamon can greatly reduce your cholesterol by mellowing each other out when they meet in your bloodstream.
Cinnamon is known to be used quite a lot in medicine for curing colds and other flue symptoms. Treating diarrhoea is another well known use for cinnamon because it helps problems with the digestive system.

Add a cinnamon based spiced tea to your diet today to get maximum health benefits and lose some weight.