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About us

With over 20 years of experience in tea blending and tea tasting, Mukesh Popat is very passionate about Palanquin Tea. His partner, Radha Popat is a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner who with a vast knowledge of health and wellbeing is the Palanquin Tea health advisor.

Based in Harlow, Essex, all production including blending and packing is completed at The Tea Factory Ltd, a UK family owned manufacturing company where only the freshest ingredients are used. We have a range of great tasting caffeine and caffeine-free teas and are still in the process of creating more healthy and delicious beverages for our customers to enjoy.

Our range of delicious teas include: Black Chai Cardamom or Spiced Tea, Rooibos Cardamom or Spiced Tea, Green Tea Spiced, Cinnamon and Fennel, Spiced Ginger Tea and Black Tea Vanilla. If you would like to try a number of our teas, we offer Palanquin Pick and Mix, where any six boxes of 40’s can be selected for purchase.

About Our Belief

At Palanquin Tea we believe that a cup of tea is good for you. With our vast knowledge and expertise of black tea, spices and herbs, you will find in all our teas, the very best quality ingredients. We want our passion for tea to shine through in all aspects of what we do, for senses that are left stimulated with every sip.

We strive to meet high standards with every tea bag we produce and we aim to get things just right in order to ensure our customers are pleased with every aspect of their purchase. Not only do we strive to produce the best tasting tea, but we want our tea to possess a stimulating aroma and the packaging to represent a genuine passion for all things tea.

Palanquin Tea History

Palanquin Tea began trading in 1993, when levels of tea variety were low compared to the substantial choice today. At this time, spiced tea bags were not available in the UK. For this reason, we are proud to say that we were the inventors and pioneers in producing Spiced Tea (Masala Chai) in tea bag form and made this delicious drink more accessible and convenient for the public.

Since our humble beginnings, we have continued to create more innovative and pleasing tea blends, so today we can offer our customers a greater variety of teas, all of which are made and packed by us in The Tea Factory Ltd, our family-run Essex based company premises.