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Spiced Ginger Tea Bags

£5.95 includes Delivery

1 Box (40 bags)£5.95/box£5.95 includes Delivery
2 Boxes (80 bags)£4.48/box£8.95 includes Delivery
3 Boxes (120 bags)£3.98/box£11.95 includes Delivery
4 Boxes (160 bags)£3.74/box£14.95 includes Delivery
5 Boxes (200 bags)£3.59/box£17.95 includes Delivery
6 Boxes (240 bags)£3.58/box£21.49 includes Delivery
7 Boxes (280 bags)£3.56/box£24.95 includes Delivery
8 Boxes (320 bags)£3.49/box£27.95 includes Delivery
9 Boxes (360 bags)£3.44/box£30.95 includes Delivery
10 Boxes (400 bags)£3.40/box£33.95 includes Delivery
12 Boxes (480 bags)£3.33/box£39.95 includes Delivery
24 Boxes (960 bags)£3.25/box£77.95 includes Delivery
36 Boxes (1440 bags)£3.22/box£115.95 includes Delivery


Spiced ginger tea warms your body and nurtures your soul, with an uplifting, youthful and invigorating boost. This tea is the ultimate yin / yang tea, soothing to the stomach, yet radiating your body with a zest and tang of energy. The moment you open a box of spiced ginger tea the aroma will bring clarity to your thought, uplift your body and calm your mind.

This spicy, aromatic pure ginger is the Mirza of our range – the Imperial Prince. A vibrant caffeine free infusion, perfect on those cold wintery days to warm you deep down inside. Our Spiced Ginger is naturally full of flavour, and is perfect after a heavy meal.

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Pure Ginger Root

5 reviews for Spiced Ginger Tea Bags

  • The only ginger tea I have found with nothing added to it. And so pleased it tastes and smells fresh. Well done all at Palanquin!

  • Much more ginger than in the average ginger tea bag. This is an excellent ginger tea.

  • Been three years unable to find it, Glad I can buy it on line now. Been trying other brands since I last had Palanquin Ginger Tea. Few years ago, but nothing came even close – will place another order soon. xxx

  • A work colleague suggested drinking this. Only winter where i did not catch the flu! The first Christmas that I can remember without the flu!

  • It tastes fantastic, and is the only thing I take when I get colds and flu. Been enjoying this palanquin ginger for over 5 years. It seems to have helped me a lot! Thank you.

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