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Rooibos Spiced Tea Bags

£5.95 includes Delivery

1 Box (40 bags)£5.95/box£5.95 includes Delivery
2 Boxes (80 bags)£4.48/box£8.95 includes Delivery
3 Boxes (120 bags)£3.98/box£11.95 includes Delivery
4 Boxes (160 bags)£3.74/box£14.95 includes Delivery
5 Boxes (200 bags)£3.59/box£17.95 includes Delivery
6 Boxes (240 bags)£3.58/box£21.49 includes Delivery
7 Boxes (280 bags)£3.56/box£24.95 includes Delivery
8 Boxes (320 bags)£3.49/box£27.95 includes Delivery
9 Boxes (360 bags)£3.44/box£30.95 includes Delivery
10 Boxes (400 bags)£3.40/box£33.95 includes Delivery
12 Boxes (480 bags)£3.33/box£39.95 includes Delivery
24 Boxes (960 bags)£3.25/box£77.95 includes Delivery
36 Boxes (1440 bags)£3.22/box£115.95 includes Delivery


Massage your thoughts with a cup of caffeine free rooibos spiced. Its red golden burst of liquid colour is naturally rich in antioxidants and minerals.

This sought after signature blend: ginger, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, will inspire you to awaken to life’s opportunities.

This blend of aromatic rooibos and spices is the Shahzadi of our range – our delicate Princess. A delicious caffeine free combination of selected spices and rooibos. Our red masala chai is full of flavour, providing a rich and satisfying cup.

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Rooibos, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves

4 reviews for Rooibos Spiced Tea Bags

  • Just love masala chai and wanted to reduce caffeine. Wow wonderful red bush spiced masala tea came to the rescue. I made this for the family and they did not even notice they were drinking caffeine free masala chai!

  • My Dad loves his masala chai, been drinking this palanquin spiced. Docs told him to reduce Caffeine. I switched to palanquin red bush spiced and he did not even know it was redbush and not tea he was drinking. Oh, did I say it tasted Fantastic…just like the normal spiced tea you do..

  • So glad I was able to purchase a caffeine free version of the palanquin spiced tea. Now I can enjoy the taste of this lovely tea before bed and still sleep good.

  • The combination of the spices with rooibos is just amazing! You can taste the rooibos and every combination of the spices in one drink, just love this tea. In fact I made this for friends who do not like rooibos,. They drank this and did not even realise it was caffeine free masala chai!

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