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Rooibos Cardamom Tea Bags

£5.95 includes Delivery

1 Box (40 bags)£5.95/box£5.95
2 Boxes (80 bags)£4.48/box£8.95
3 Boxes (120 bags)£3.98/box£11.95
4 Boxes (160 bags)£3.74/box£14.95
5 Boxes (200 bags)£3.59/box£17.95
6 Boxes (240 bags)£3.58/box£21.49
7 Boxes (280 bags)£3.56/box£24.95
8 Boxes (320 bags)£3.49/box£27.95
9 Boxes (360 bags)£3.44/box£30.95
10 Boxes (400 bags)£3.40/box£33.95
12 Boxes (480 bags)£3.33/box£39.95
24 Boxes (960 bags)£3.25/box£77.95
36 Boxes (1440 bags)£3.22/box£115.95

Product Description

Clear your mind and get cosy, this is the perfect drink to drift into dreamland with. Naturally caffeine free, rooibos cardamom is a refreshingly flavourful tea. This lovingly hand blended tea creates the perfect atmosphere for intimacy, grounding you in the present moment. The russet red colour, allows you to lose yourself in fantasies of majestic and faraway lands.

This blend of aromatic rooibos and freshly ground cardamom is the Samrajini of our range – the refined Empress. Delicious and naturally caffeine free, our Rooibos Cardamom chai is full of flavour, providing a rich and satisfying cup.

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Rooibos, Cardamom Pods

5 reviews for Rooibos Cardamom Tea Bags

  • Love this tea. Will order soon again.

  • Taste is truly superb! I am happy for my little kiddies to drink it as it is caffeine free, and my wife and i love it as much as the kids. Well done for making such an amazing tea.

  • I like teas without the caffeine and this tea just excellent, all my friends that tried it love it too.

  • Love it, my wife loves it, and the kids just can’t get enough at breakfast and tea time. Did not ever think that tea could taste so good! Thank you for an amazing tea.

  • The whole family seems to love it. Tea time is now like the good old days from my youth. It is so nice that the kids and the grand kids look forward to tea time. It is now our favourite time of the day. Can not thank you enough for the joy your tea has brought.

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