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Black Chai Cardamom Tea Bags

£5.95 includes Delivery

1 Box (40 bags)£5.95/box£5.95 includes Delivery
2 Boxes (80 bags)£4.48/box£8.95 includes Delivery
3 Boxes (120 bags)£3.98/box£11.95 includes Delivery
4 Boxes (160 bags)£3.74/box£14.95 includes Delivery
5 Boxes (200 bags)£3.59/box£17.95 includes Delivery
6 Boxes (240 bags)£3.58/box£21.49 includes Delivery
7 Boxes (280 bags)£3.56/box£24.95 includes Delivery
8 Boxes (320 bags)£3.49/box£27.95 includes Delivery
9 Boxes (360 bags)£3.44/box£30.95 includes Delivery
10 Boxes (400 bags)£3.40/box£33.95 includes Delivery
12 Boxes (480 bags)£3.33/box£39.95 includes Delivery
24 Boxes (960 bags)£3.25/box£77.95 includes Delivery
36 Boxes (1440 bags)£3.22/box£115.95 includes Delivery


Start your day with positive intention; drink a mug of this thoughtful, perfectly balanced blend. A traditional and bold black tea, with freshly ground cardamom pods that command your attention. Naturally energise yourself, spend some quality time with a cup of black chai cardamom.

This blend of premium black tea and freshly ground cardamom pods is the Samraat of our range – the great Emperor. An exquisite chai blend, full of taste and aromatic sensation. Our bold cardamom chai is the perfect blend of a careful selection of green cardamom and black tea to provide a rich and satisfying cup.

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Black Tea, Cardamom Pods

5 reviews for Black Chai Cardamom Tea Bags

  • Can’t remember ever before enjoying. Drinking tea so much. Excellent. In fact, this is my 1st review ever! Many thanks for producing such a fantastic tea.

  • Was travelling about 30 miles to get this wonderful tea, So please I can buy it on line now. My family and I just love this, and every person that has come to our house has loved it equally. Love it love it love it xxx

  • Just came back from the the middle East, and have to say that this is the ultimate best tea ever!

  • The combination is perfect! The aroma first captures your senses and on drinking the tea it gives you a WOW moment.

  • Never before had I known that tea could taste this great. Thank you Palanquin.

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